Terraforming Mars

Our current challenge is to transform Mars from a barren wasteland into a world rich with life and fully suitable for human habitation–a process that scientists call “terraforming.”

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LabRats is a unique adventure in science education. LabRats, first and foremost, is a community of mentors and like-minded learners who come together to explore great issues in science and to prepare young people to accomplish great things in life.

To do that, LabRats focuses not only on science and technology but also on developing self-respect, leadership skills and the great human virtues that have forever been the foundation of a worthwhile life. We encourage all of our members to believe that if they work hard to prepare themselves today there is no limit to what they can accomplish tomorrow.

We don’t simply cram facts into kids’ heads. The LabRats Science Education Program is designed to win children’s interest, to develop their creativity and to promote lifelong learning. We persuade young people to learn science in part by inspiring them to want to understand the incredible challenges that face the world. We encourage them to explore their own ideas about how to meet those challenges. We also continuously encourage all of our members to enroll in education beyond high school and to consider careers in the technical fields.

The LabRats curriculum is in alignment with the National Science Standards. Although our science program is not intended to replace those of public or private schools, we do many things to advance science education that public schools simply cannot do. LabRats is therefore an excellent complement to any science curriculum.