Terraforming Mars

Our current challenge is to transform Mars from a barren wasteland into a world rich with life and fully suitable for human habitation–a process that scientists call “terraforming.”

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LabRats™ is open to all children in Grades 6 through 12, inclusive.



None. Interest is the only entrance requirement.



Members come together once each week at a local youth center in groups we call “Synergies.” Each Synergy meeting lasts one hour and is taught by a trained LABRATS instructor. LABRATS includes a merit-based system of advancement something like what exists in Scouting programs. It also includes the option of monthly fieldtrips and other special events. Members may purchase the LABRATS uniform, which consists of a Safari vest and hat, from this website upon joining. The costs of all of the educational materials, including all scientific and laboratory equipment, are included in the monthly membership fee.

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